Guest blogs: Ndulgent Blogger and The Jeep Diva

Hi everyone! I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend. Today officially marks the start of my diet. Is anyone else with me? Remember ladies, swimsuit season is approaching quickly. ;-)

At least I can take my mind off of food with the busy week I have scheduled! I’m editing my May release, SARA’S SMILE. I’m so excited about this novella and can’t wait to send it out to my beta readers. I also have a sexy little short story to finish, which I plan to submit to an anthology call by week’s end.

I’m guest blogging this week as well. I will visit the Ndulgent Bloggers on Tuesday where I reveal my guilty indulgence then on Thursday I blaze over to The Jeep Diva to talk about what your car says about you.

Please be sure to stop by!

Have a fabulous week,


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