It’s Lila Shaw’s All’s Fair in Love and War Release Day!

It’s Lila Shaw’s release day! Woo-hoo!

All’s Fair in Love and War

Only two obstacles block Shelby Donaldson’s path to success at her new job–her sizzling hot supervisor and his freezing cold attitude. Maybe her flirting got a little out of hand at first, but that’s no reason for Mr. Sighs-A-Lot to screw her over in her performance review.

Colin Montoya is not going to fall for Shelby’s sex-in-a-suit brand of temptation. He’s got her number and is not going to dial it, nor is he going to allow Shelby’s philandering brother to marry his baby sister.

After an explosive one-night stand goes awry, battle lines are drawn. But can the warring co-workers negotiate a cease-fire long enough to realize their romantic fortunes might just lie in each other?

Get All’s Fair here: Amazon & Evernight Publishing, (add’l links coming soon)

Exclusive Excerpt:

Shelby worked hard enough to drench her hair and clothes with perspiration, but without her usual gusto. Her sometime workout companion and long-time friend, Cameron, noticed her funk and dragged her to the juice bar afterwards for a protein shake and a chat.

“So what’s your drama?” he asked after he’d delivered two protein shakes to their tiny table near the lobby.

Cameron had long, sandy-blond hair he streaked to give himself that surfer dude look. With muscles he’d honed from hours at the gym and a year-round tan, compliments of a tanning bed, he turned his fair share of heads, both male and female. However most, including Shelby, had been disappointed to learn he was already taken. His significant other of the past two years was a bespectacled, pocket-protected architect named David who never set a toenail in the gym and who preferred a round of eighteen holes as his sole form of exercise.

“I’m just sleep-deprived. What makes you think I have a drama unfolding in my life?”

“Come on, Shelby. I’ve known you for eons. I can read that constipated look on your face that screams, ‘I hate men!’ Am I right?”

She stared unblinking at him for a few beats. “Yeah, you’re right, damn you. But I do not look constipated!”

“So? What happened?”

“I got conned – used and abused, ridden hard and put away wet and not even a ‘thank you ma’am for the wham, bam’. Well, sort of anyway. I think I may have received a trick-or-treater’s thank-you.”

“Who was the guy, and how’d he pull one over on Miss Distrustful? Were you drunk?”

“No, and neither was he. But here’s the worst part of it: A, I work with him…sometimes, and B, his sister is marrying my brother.” She buried her head in her hands. “It’s my own stupid fault.”

“It’s your fault he was a rutting pig and took advantage of your virginal innocence?”

She lifted her head. “Ha ha. It’s not funny, you know, being duped in such an intimate way.” She took a long drag on her straw, nearly choking on the thick shake. “Yuck, what kind of shake is this?”

“Sassafras with tofu, wheat germ, creatine, bee pollen, blue-green algae and a healthy splash of apple juice. It’s good for you, so drink up.”

“Sonovabitch, could you have picked a fouler-tasting health drink?” She took several small sips in succession. “I guess it kind of grows on you after a while.”

“Was the sex good at least?” Cameron asked in a confidential tone, his head jutting forward, eyebrows raised, hands linked in front of him on the table.

Shelby sighed. “You’re so lucky you’ve found the perfect guy for you, Cam, and that you don’t have to go through this anymore.” She stroked her friend’s arm, and he took her hand in his, giving her a quick kiss on the knuckles before releasing it.

“And so will you, Shelby.” He leaned in and asked again, “But how was it?”

Shelby leaned in, too, their heads nearly touching. “It was so good, even the neighbors had a cigarette,” she said, using her Groucho Marx voice and wagging an imaginary cigar. “I’m kidding, of course, but not by much. That’s the tragedy of it and what made his Houdini act all the more shocking. I so did not see it coming. I mean, we didn’t just have sex. We talked and laughed and were cozy-cozy afterwards until we both fell asleep. He was so…wonderful. But then he wasn’t.” She poked her lower lip out in an exaggerated pout that belittled the devastation she felt.

I’m gifting a copy of ALL’S FAIR IN LOVE AND WAR to one commenter! So join me in wishing Lila success with her debut and don’t forget to leave your email address!

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4 Responses to It’s Lila Shaw’s All’s Fair in Love and War Release Day!

  1. jabelfield says:

    This title sounds great. I’ve read some of Lila’s work and loved The PURE written under her pseudonym so yeah, count me in. :)

    Oh, and my email’s up in the comment form. Let me know if you can’t access it and I’ll come back and update. :)

  2. Lila Shaw says:

    Thank you, Sandra!! :)

  3. Gayl says:

    Best of luck Lila! This sounds delightful!

    gtaylor423 at gmail dot com

  4. Sandra says:

    I loved spotlighting All’s Fair in Love and War.

    The winner of the free copy is Gayl Taylor!

    Gayl chose to receive All’s Fair on Kindle. The book is on it’s way through cyberspace right now.

    Happy reading, Gayl!

    I wish you joy and success, Lila!

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