Mid Week Tease: Christmas Fantasy #MWTease #FreeRead

Hey there, Mid Week Tease fans!

I’m back with a tease from my holiday Free Read, Christmas Fantasy: Dahlia & Tristan! 

Free? Did I say free? Yup. It’s free! If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you may remember this story from a blog serial series I ran. This new version is steamier and is sure to warm up cold holiday nights. 

Here’s a little tease…

From the corner of his eye he watched the cherry red toenails of her right foot dangling from its perch on her left knee. Bobbing up and down with the train’s rhythm, her sexy foot was closing in on his pant leg. He inched his leg closer to give her easier access. Pushing the fabric up and letting it fall, her toes repeatedly teased at the cuff of his pants. A groan escaped through his clenched teeth as he gripped the newspaper in both hands. Her foot grazed his calf and trailed a path to his knee then back down to his ankle. The magazine slipped from her lap while she unbuttoned the last two pearls and slipped the soft blouse open. He swallowed hard as her fingers brushed over the lacy bra and trailed a path down her flat stomach to her skirt-covered thighs.

His shirt and tie suddenly became three sizes too tight as his rapid breath strained against the fabric. He tossed the newspaper on the empty seat on the other side of the aisle and reached up to turn off the overhead reading light. She caught his arm.

“Don’t. Not just yet,” she said.

Seems that Miss Dahlia isn’t done teasing him yet. Catch the whole story #FREE December 4th! Be sure to add Christmas Fantasy: Dahlia & Tristan to your Goodreads shelf.


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COLORS OF US is a Readers’ Choice Awards SEMIFINALIST!

Semifinalists have been announced for the Second Annual Readers’ Choice Awards and COLORS OF US received three nominations!

~ Best New Adult ~ Best Cover ~

~ Best Heroine: Michelle Willis ~

Thank you to everyone who nominated COLORS OF US. It’s such an honor to be included with so many fantastic books and authors.

Hunter McAvery has a virtual martini with your name on it if you’d pop over to the poll and vote for COLORS OF US!

Click here to access the poll. If you leave your name and email at the end of the survey, you’ll automatically be entered for a chance to win a $25 Evernight GC!

How sweet is that?

COLORS OF US is available here:

Evernight Publishing / Amazon US / Amazon UK / AllRomance eBooks

Add Colors of Us to your Goodreads shelf! Colors of Us

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Random Thoughts: The Power of Giving Thanks

What do I like about Thanksgiving? Certainly not the cooking. My mashed potatoes are never quite right and the turkey makes a mess of my oven (last year is known as the fire extinguisher Thanksgiving). However, I’ve mastered removing the jelled cranberry sauce from the can in one piece (love that sound), so that’s something.

What I do like about Thanksgiving is exactly what the name implies. Giving thanks. Unlike other holidays, Thanksgiving is not about the gifts or ceremony. It’s about getting together with family and friends, new and old, and laughing, sharing, eating and just plain being there.

Thanksgiving makes me grateful for my life and the lives of others. It makes me treasure the good and the bad. Yes, the bad too. Everything in life can’t be rainbows and unicorns, because let’s face it, life is not about us individually. Gratitude teaches us that lesson because the act of being grateful automatically defaults you to think about others. Funny how that works. So much of our lives are about reaching personal goals, however when you step outside that blinder view and understand the role others play in helping you achieve those goals, you’ll find a true sense of gratitude.

Gratitude breeds contentment and that’s what we all truly want, right? …to be happy? When you’re content, obstacles aren’t as large and everyday life flows more freely. When you shift your focus from self-centered to a broader scope, life opens up and a greater awareness of other points of view and fulfillment become more evident.

Plain and simple: Gratitude makes us better people.

So this Thanksgiving I will be grateful to watch the Macy’s parade on TV, roast my turkey until it’s somewhat edible, slide that cranberry sauce out in one piece (yes!), and spend time with family and friends, new and old. I’ll also be grateful for the events that have happened over the course of the year, the good and bad, and the things I’ve learned from them. Most of all, I will be grateful for the people who have wandered across my path and made a difference in my life. I’ll give thanks to the power of gratitude.

Thank you to everyone who follows me on my blog and social media forums, reads my work, and supports me. You make a difference in my life and I hope my writing somehow makes a small difference in yours.

If you’re looking for a delicious drink (didn’t you know it’s way easier to feel grateful with a cocktail in your hand), here’s a recipe for my favorite:

French Martini: Ketel One Vodka ~Vermouth ~ Pineapple Juice ~ Chambord

Shake the first three with ice. Pour into a pretty martini glass. Add the Chambord before serving. The deep red liquor will sit at the bottom of the glass creating a beautiful presentation.

What are you grateful for this Thanksgiving?


For my MWT authors: Sorry! I missed the Mid Week Tease last week, so here’s the sign up for this week:

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Mid Week Tease: To Serve and Protect #MWTease

Happy Mid Week Tease!

Here’s a snippet from the cutting room floor of the short story I’m working on.

Hope you enjoy this deleted scene. I’ll share more from “To Serve and Protect” next week!

Cops are patient. Most don’t start that way, but after a few stake-outs patience seeps into their psyche and becomes as second nature as jerking off. Maddox, perched on the seat of his vintage Harley, waited in the shadows. Stagnate air of the underground parking garage eased in and out of his nostrils as he kept surveillance on the only way in or out of Weatherby’s garage by foot. Jaz inadvertently tipped him off they’d they’d parked in the garage when she sent Jimmy down for her wayward lip gloss. Following them will help Maddox in two ways. First, he’d get a location on Jaz and second, they’d get an ID on Vino’s car. Bonus.

A dull ding echoed through the garage and two forms emerged from the smudged steel elevator doors. Bingo. Maddox watched them walk to the black two-door Mercedes Benz parked at the end of the row. The black Benz was the second of Maddox’s guess of Vino’s car. He’d figured the Range Rover was more his speed. Vino opened the passenger door for Jaz but before moving to the drivers’ seat, he stopped and scanned the garage. Maddox could’ve sworn his gaze rested on him for a split second before he strode to the other side of the car and slid in. A roar of the engine filled the garage as the engine revved. Maddox backed his bike further into the shadows when the Benz’s headlights flashed from the corner.

Maddox counted to three after Vino steered his car to the exit before turning the ignition key and heading to the ramp. He reached the street in time to spot the black Benz. Maddox knew the streets well and easily tailed Vino to the low rise loft building off of Canal Street. Maddox pulled down the corner street and parked his motorcycle before heading by foot up the sidewalk. Vino helped Jaz from the car as he spoke to her. Maddox couldn’t make out what he said, but Jaz nodded and moved toward the steps to the building’s door. Vino grabbed her arm and Maddox’s stomach turned. His first reaction was to storm the asshole and drop his corrupt ass to the sidewalk. He took a deep breath, then another. Unless Jaz was in immediate danger he’d wait. Vino pulled her from the steps and twirled her around. His hands on her shoulders as he continued to speak. Maddox crept close enough to make out part of their conversation.

“I told you I’d take care of you. Just stick to the plan.”

“I said okay, Jimmy. Let go of me.” She tried to shake off his grip.

Vino held her in his paws for a long moment before nodding and letting her go. He strode to his car and skidded from his spot. His taillights were a blur by the time Jaz fished her keys from her handbag.

Before she stuck the key into her door, Maddox ascended the concrete steps two at a time. Jaz spun around and dropped her keys. He covered her mouth and pulled her close. “Shh. Jaz. It’s me. Don’t scream.”

Her eyes were as big as some of the diamonds they’d just left but twice a beautiful. He loosened the grip on her mouth. “Derrick. What the hell are you doing?”

What the hell was he doing? The thought of her with Jimmy Vino played an evil game with his common sense. “I’m making sure you’re safe. I lost you once. I’m not about to lose you again.”

The once angry sea that swam in her eyes was replaced by something else. Her breath, a warm mixture of mint and wine, blanketed his lips as she stared into his eyes.  “I’m not going anywhere,” she whispered.

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Twenty-Five Sexy Short Stories for Less Than Two Bucks!

For a limited time grab 2 anthologies for $0.99 each!

That’s a lot of sexy, including my contributing stories, The Mobster’s Promise (HIS), and the introductory story to my novella series, The Satin Rose Experience (Keyboards and Kink)!


~12 Author Erotic Romance Anthology~

Strength. Power. Experience. No obstacle is too great when an alpha male decides what he wants, and these dominating men are so sexy and irresistible, no woman would dare think of anything but submission. Billionaires, Doms, and mobsters alike aggressively go after the women they want, and they will stop at nothing to fully possess them and make them beg for more.

Come and find out how good it feels to be HIS.


~13 Author Erotic Romance Anthology~

A night at home on the computer doesn’t have to be boring…

Feel like chatting? Or maybe doing something more daring? The stranger reaching out across cyberspace could be a creepy pervert, but what if he wasn’t? What if he’s a vampire, the sexy boy next door, or even your gorgeous boss?

Thirteen tales explore all the delicious possibilities when online relationships lead to sexy encounters away from the keyboard.

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Mid Week Tease: Get Tied Up with TIE ME FREE #MWTEASE #99SALE

It’s November, also known as #NaNoWriMo!

I’m attempting NaNo again this year and my fingers are tapping away on a short cop story set in New York City. It’s a fun spin off of my McAvery Brothers series, tentatively coined “Stories from McAvery Bar.”

Look for a peek at that story next week! This week is a tease from the latest book of the Satin Rose Experience Series, TIE ME FREE, which is on sale at Evernight for $0.99 today!

Here’s a glimpse at Kate’s first experience in one of SRE’s private suites with the very sexy Mason Myers…


Kate considered his words and studied his face. “Are the cameras on? Are they watching?”

Mason nodded. “Yes. Surveillance is on. I gave Mia and Asher the heads up that you might want to experiment. They have your safe word.”

Kate turned back to face the painting and leaned into his chest. “You scare me,” she whispered.

His fingertips trailed a path up and down her arms. “Why?”

“Because you seem to know what I’m thinking before I do.”

Because you’re so right for me but so wrong. Because you’re like a gooey, delicious ice cream sundae I’ll never allow myself to taste.

Mason chuckled. “Is that a bad thing?” His voice poured through her body. Closing her eyes, she pulled away from him. Her glance moved from the door to the platform. She’d never have another chance like this to experience it. Kate squared her shoulders. “Okay. But I’m not getting naked,” she said, holding an index finger up. She moved to the platform and kneeled. Even though the surface was hard, a calmness came over her as she moved to the middle of the table and gazed over the painting in front of her.

“I’m fine with that limit, for now, except for your feet.” Mason slipped off her shoes and rubbed tight circles his thumbs into the arch of her foot.

Kate let out a throaty moan. “How do you know how to do that?”

“Reflexology. It’s part of the study of shibari. I also learned where the body’s pressure points are.” His thumbs traveled to the balls of her feet and let up on the pressure. “How’s that feel?”

Kate groaned. “Heavenly.” Her muscles loosened instantly.

“Good. Now just relax, spread your knees apart and sit on your heels. This will be the most comfortable position for you as we do this.”

Kate complied as his fingers traveled up her back to her shoulders. “You have knots in your shoulders. Under stress?”

“That’s an understatement,” she snorted.

“Close your eyes and get lost in the music. Don’t think of anything outside of this room. It’s just you and me.”

Kate smiled. “There is no you and me, Mason.”

Mason shushed her and applied pressure to the knot in her shoulder, making her wince. “That hurt like a bitch and felt amazing at the same time. How the hell do you do that?”

“Shh. Don’t make me gag you, Angel.”

The words rolled off his tongue as Kate’s mind flashed to the model in the first picture they’d seen at the bondage exhibit. Warmth spread through her body at the thought. Her breath hitched as she

imagined the assortment of gags and blindfolds in the drawers of the cabinet. The warmth of Mason’s body radiated through her shirt, his face against the back of her head. “The thought of being gagged turns you on, doesn’t it?”

“Shit,” she whispered. Did it turn her on? What. The. Hell? 

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Mondays are Hard #MondayBlogs

Mondays are hard, aren’t they?

It’s not always easy to get into the swing of things coming off a relaxing weekend. One day, you’re lounging about in your pajamas making pancakes at noon and the next day you’re juggling your coffee, laptop and a tube of lipgloss while trying like hell not to be late for your 9 am meeting.

A work colleague sent me this list today. I thought it was the perfect message to share on Monday blogs…

1. Any day with positive cash flow is considered a good day.

2. In the worst of times I know my dog still loves me unconditionally.

3. If I can breathe and I can communicate, I can still accomplish just about anything.

4. The decision to be confident is mine and mine alone. No one else is required.

5. The unknown might be frightening, but it also provides the chance to learn something new.

6. Most other people are as scared or concerned as I am and often more. Ask them to share their fear so we can comfort each other.

7. I have never done anything so foolish or ridiculous that I couldn’t ultimately laugh at myself and immediately feel better.

8. I have no control how long people stay in my life. But I can always improve the experience of the time we share.

9. Everything happens for a reason. My purpose is to simply make the most of what comes my way.

10. If I stick to my core values, the world will eventually sort itself out as it should.

List Credit: Top Ten Positive Affirmations to Improve Any Week 

I’ll end with my personal favorite inspirational quote:

Now, go forth and spread rainbows.

Happy Monday!

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Trick or Treat: @SJMaylee is here with her TOP TEN from IN THE BLIND

Happy Halloween!

No tricks but I do have a special treat for you today. Well, for me too, because one of my favorite writerly friends is here to share her new release. SJ and I met while sharing snippets during a weekly writing meme called Six Sentence Sunday. I remember SJ’s posts from this story and I cannot wait to read it now that it’s out in the world. I just downloaded it today! Yay!

SJ was nice enough to humor my request of a TOP TEN list. Take it away, SJ…

I’m thrilled to be here at Sandra’s place celebrating my new release, In the Blind. Also, Happy Halloween! Getting dressed up and snacking on the candy is a lot of fun, but I’m a total scaredy-cat. Rarely will you find me watching a scary movie. Being outside by myself after the sun goes down totally creeps me out. The whys I’ll save for another day, but now you’re probably wondering why I’d write a book that takes place in a pitch black club. Here’s the ten reasons I had to write In the Blind

  1. My muse wouldn’t take no for an answer. I love and despise that about her.
  2. I have a passion for BDSM, especially Dominance and submission which requires trust. My heroine certainly needed trust to walk into Club Blind.
  3. To prove I can push past what scares me to find a love that has no boundary.
  4. I may not like scary things, but the thrill of the unknown can be exhilarating.
  5. My heroine doesn’t like haunted houses, and even though she thinks of them as she’s starting her first visit to Club Blind, she knew she was in an erotic romance novella, not a horror novel. The goal of the end game included passion and multiple orgasms not gore.
  6. I wanted to explore different ways for couples to find passion and fall in love.
  7. Pushing past what scares you can make an experience all the more powerful.
  8. My hero needed a wakeup call. He thought he knew his direction in life, punishment for misdeeds. He was wrong and I set out to change everything, all I needed was the right woman.
  9. To prove that darkness doesn’t always have to be scary.
  10. To find out what the heart can see when the eyes are blind.

Thanks, SJ. I love the part about pushing past what scares you. Now, I really can’t wait to read it! Read on for more about the book, SJ Maylee, and an awesome giveaway!

Final Header In The blind

In the Blind by S.J. Maylee (Club Blind #1)

Genre: Erotic Romance with D/s

Length: Novella

Published: October 15, 2014

Publisher: Evernight Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-77233-066-3



intheblind 500x333Blurb:

Jane thinks she’s ready to take the risks her business and love life desperately need. Rob’s still punishing himself for a broken relationship that wasn’t meant to last. When the pair let an opportunity pass them by, fate steps in and throws them back together.

An evening of pitch black unrestrained passion at Club Blind opens her eyes to life’s possibilities. Now, if they don’t fight past their personal demons, they might never truly discover what they need most. If they can open their hearts, it might lead them directly to each other where they can discover their truth. If not, they may forever stay in the blind.


Where you can find IN THE BLIND:

Evernight Publishing | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | All Romance eBooks | BookStrand | Smashwords | iTunes



S.J. Maylee fell in love with storytelling at a young age and with it came a deep-seated desire for everyone to find their happily ever after. She’s finding the happy endings for her characters one steamy story at a time.

When she’s not reading or writing, you can find her caring for her garden, laughing with her two young sons, or dancing to her husband’s music. She’s a PMP (Project Management Professional), Nia instructor, and coffee addict.

As a writer she has a tendency to break hearts, but she always glues them back together.

Blog | Twitter | Facebook Page | Google+ | Goodreads | Pinterest | Amazon Author Page



SJ’s giving away one $20 Amazon gift card and two swag packs (book covers, bookmark, pen, zipper pull, and handmade beaded keychain or purse charm with book cover charm). TO ENTER: answer the question on this blog post and then click on the rafflecopter. QUESTION: Many believe blindness can increase your other senses. What do you think it would be like to be in a pitch black club like Club Blind?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Mid Week Halloween Tease: Everyone needs a Superman #MWTease

Hey now! We’re shaking up the tease Halloween-style today…

Thanks for joining me on this special edition of Mid Week Tease. I have a brand new, never before seen bonus excerpt for you from McAvery’s Bar! It’s a sneak-peek into my work in progress, Passion of Us.

In this scene, Miranda is suspicious of the sudden spike in sales for her gallery. An anonymous art collector has been buying up artwork and sending a sexy, spiky haired dude to pay and pick up the paintings. Miranda has a feeling she knows exactly who’s behind the sudden influx of cash to her failing business and she recruits Cheyenne’s help…

“I don’t get it. We’ve sold more art in the past month than we did the entire summer.” Miranda eyed the empty space where the latest sale was hung. She turned to Cheyenne. “Same guy picked it up?”

“Yup. The cute one with the spiky hair. I tried to get the deets out of him but he wouldn’t give anything up. He paid in cash. Said his boss is a collector. That’s it.”

“There’s got to be more to this.” Miranda shrugged.

Cheyenne’s gaze fell to the orange slip of paper on the desk. She considered throwing it away and never mentioning it to Miranda, but that wouldn’t be fair to her boss. She blew out a breath and pinched the flyer between her thumb and index finger. “There’s one thing. It may not mean anything, but this sorta fell out of his pocket when he carried the painting out the door.” The truth was the slip of color caught her eye while checking out his ass on his way out and she whisked it from his pants.

“Sorta fell out of his pocket?” Miranda arched an eyebrow as she pulled the flyer from Cheyenne’s fingers.

“With a little help.” Cheyenne winked.

Miranda’s body stiffened as her gaze landed on the advertisement. “McAvery’s Halloween Party,” She read. “Damn it. I knew it was too good to be true.” She pinched the bridge of her nose and handed the flyer back to Cheyenne.

“Hold on. It may just be a coincidence. Maybe someone’s handing these things out on the street. The bar’s only a few blocks away. Spiky could’ve shoved it in his pocket on the way over here.”

“Maybe, but I doubt it. This is exactly something Alex would do. In fact, he did do it before with Michelle’s portraits. Remember? I refused his help so he forcing it on me by making anonymous purchases. He’s a controlling ass.”

“I wouldn’t call him an ass exactly. It’s kinda sweet,” Cheyenne said.

Miranda rolled her eyes. “You need to go over there and check things out for me.”

“You’re not coming?”

“Alex will spot me in a second. Even in costume. Just stop in during happy hour and look for any signs of the paintings or your friend, Spiky. Look-“ Miranda pointed to the flyer. “-There’s flair bartender show. You’ll have fun.”

“Okay. You know I’ll do anything for you. But I need to stop home for my costume.”


Cheyenne drew a few cat whiskers on her cheeks with eyeliner before leaving the Greenwich Village apartment she shared with three friends. Her makeshift costume of a couple pieces of black felt glued to a headband, yoga pants and a black t-shirt paled in originality compared to the colorful array of people in costumes lined up on the sidewalk waiting for the famous Village parade. Cheyenne dodged zombies, vampires, dragons, a few drag queens dressed as Disney princesses, a damn good Obama look-alike walking with a spot-on Taylor Swift on her way back to SoHo. She loved Halloween in New York.

Rounding the corner onto Broome Street, her ears perked from the crowd’s chants coming from McAvery’s open windows. Cheyenne couldn’t make out what they were chanting over the music, whistles and whoops, but as soon as she pulled open the heavy oak door she knew the answer.

All eyes were directed to the bar where liquor bottles flew in the air and tumbled down to the skillful hands of the man she’d seen only hours before. The only difference was he now wore a red tablecloth with two ends tied around his neck and what looked to be masking tape in the design of the letter “K” on his shirt. His eyes flashed a vibrant blue as the crowd chanted. “Kale! Kale! Kale! Kale!”

Kale? Well, at least she had a name now, as weird as it was. Cheyenne nudged her way to the bar, never taking her eyes off him as he tossed bottles, cocktail shakers in the air. As soon as his gaze met hers, the only thing on her mind was making him her Superman tonight.

Is Bon Jovi’s Superman Tonight playing in your head now? Mine too!

Kale, McAvery’s new flair bartender, makes his debut in Passion of Us and he’ll have his own story in a novella later next year!

Want more McAvery’s Bar? Colors of Us (McAvery Brothers, 1) is available on Amazon.
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Random thoughts about Random Acts of Selflessness #MondayBlogs

While doing a little research over the weekend (a/k/a writer’s procrastination), I came across an article about what women need from romance.

What do we need? The question has flabbergasted men for years.

Fancy dinners? Weekly flower deliveries at work? Expensive jewelry?

Nope. The answer, according to the article, is quite simple…

“It’s about giving; giving of yourself and your full attention to us in that moment. It’s a random act of selfless love with no reward expected.” ~ Pamela Morris, What Women Need from Romance

The quote resonated with me because it doesn’t only relate to romance. The same standard holds true in all relationships, doesn’t it?

Whether chatting with a family member, casual interaction with an acquaintance, polite words with a stranger, or a conversation with a trusted friend, sometimes we need to walk in someone else’s shoes to understand giving and selflessness.

Be kind, speak softly, be there and spread rainbows.

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