Fill Your Bucket

Hey there! Welcome to my new website and blog.

After a long hiatus I’m back to blogging with renewed energy. It’s good to take a break and “stop doing” for a while, whatever that “doing” may be. This is even more important when the “doing” is creative. Creativity  isn’t a free flowing resource that you can turn on and off with a flip of the switch.

Creating, at least the brilliant kind, can’t be forced. Sure you can write, paint, draw, sing on command. But that’s not the stuff you’re proud to produce. To uncover the raw organic beauty of your craft, you must be in your creative zone, and those creative zone times can be quite fleeting (which is quite frustrating).

The best way to spark those creative zones is to fill your bucket. Everyone has a bucket, but everyone has a different way of filling it. It may be reading, exercise, meditation, traveling, hanging out with friends, or just being for a short time without actually doing anything.

Just like you make time to work and play, you need to make bucket time too.

So what fills your bucket?