“Ms. Bunino cleverly draws the reader into her web of sexy delights and once there, you’re stuck!” ~ Guilty Indulgence Reviews

Tie Me Free is a novella, perfect for a single, sexy sitting. The fourth book in the series, it certainly lived up to the other stories I have enjoyed so much, and I’m always looking forward to the next book in this series. I leave you, dear reader, with a little tidbit from this story that brought tears to my eyes:

 “Kate had never been spiritual, but something powerful came over her and she finally understood his statements about BDSM: the lifestyle is not about ropes and knots, paddles and whips, leather and chains, it’s all about the emotional experience which binds two people.“~ Tattooed Book Review


“This book had all the parts that I like most! Life in danger, bad guys, bad ass good guys, mystery, drama and super hot smokin’ sex. Above all this is a love story and I really did fall in love with Toni and Brax. I feel like I got to know them, and I was invested in their happiness. I was so sad and happy for Toni. I also enjoyed the brief looks into the lives of previous SRE characters and what I hope was a glimpse of the next hero, Jackson.

As an added bonus we get a fabulous drink recipe! The French Kiss. (Don’t think I am not going to be trying this drink. *G* If you know me, you know how I love my girly, fruity, exotic drinks) I really loved this story and I can’t stress enough how you all need to go out and read all the books in the SRE series. You will not be disappointed. Ms. Bunino has a flair for writing stories that are interesting and make me want to read more.” ~ Love Books! Book Reviews

“Ms. Bunino once again delivers a sizzling romance dripping with raw passion, a ménage-a-trois that is pure sex, and a series that I hope will continue to thrive and bring forth incredible passion. The short read allows any woman the chance to have mind-blowing sex with more than one man, even if it is only through the pages of the naughty tale. Brooke’s Wish is a story not to be missed.” ~ The Jeep Diva Reviews

“The combination of beautiful writing, a great story, and not one but two desirable leading men makes this a fantastic read: the fulfillment of this reader’s fantasy.” ~ Tattoo Book Reviews


The tension and buildup as Asher guides Mia through her first real BDSM experience is exquisitely excruciating. You hang on every word through every action. I felt like I was in Mia’s shoes, and under the circumstances, she reacts the exact way I would have when all was said and done, but Asher’s answering response couldn’t have been better.

Sandra’s best work yet, Mia’s Submission demonstrates the serious, teasing, and tender sides of both characters so well and leaves you with an obvious hint of so much more to come. It’s awesome and you’ll be anxious for the next installment! ~ Buffy’s Ramblings

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